LifeSource is Salem’s natural and organic grocery store and it is my favorite spot for natural body care products. This local Salem store is for the population looking to find ingredients without preservatives, artificial flavors, pesticides or trans fats.

I utilize this store mainly for products, because I can’t find their variety of natural products in any other store in Salem. I have tried an all natural sunscreen, deodorant, body wash, toothpaste, body lotion, essential oils, lip balm and mascara (all of which I would gladly recommend), and I still have many more to try.

I choose LifeSource because I have invested some time looking at the product’s ingredients and I am always happy with what I find. They have a mission to provide people with the best quality and health products and they stand by it. On their website they state their product standards:

LifeSource carefully evaluates each and every product we carry against a strict set of guidelines that have been designed to ensure that we carry only the healthiest – and least processed – products available, and that they have traveled the least distance before arriving in our store. Each of our buyers must evaluate factors such as organic content, ingredients, production methods, social responsibility, and how local the product is before making the decision to carry it in our store.We strive to emphasize 100% organic, minimally processed, locally produced items whenever they are available.

After viewing the products myself I know they stand by this mission statement. Even though I continually check the labels to make sure they are still true to their standard, they continually provide good quality products.

There is no other place in Salem where you can have this much trust in a store. What a good feeling it is to go into a LifeSource and know that the products they carry have been chosen specifically for their quality. This is one store where you can buy products and not worry about harmful ingredients. If every store had their standards this high most popular companies and products would go out of business.

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