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We have recently bought a new house, which needs to be entirely re-painted (interior and exterior, ceilings, with primer and paint color…).

So far, two rooms have been partly primed and it has taken two days to partially do this. It feels like a never ending job! There’s detail work, wall covering, ceilings, spackling and I have not even looked at the outside of the house.

While I paint I think about how long the process takes and I am soon accompanied by the feeling that it will never get done. This process of time consuming painting is the very opposite of what I am use to experiencing (which is  instantaneous satisfaction). It is far from what society shows us either.

Fast pace America has created an environment where I can: search the Internet in an instant without waiting for a modem connection, I can call anyone, anytime, and have them contact me in a matter of seconds, I can buy a whole new wardrobe, kitchen, living room and car online in an incredibly fast amount of time. Although this created experience is nice and seems efficient it can’t possibly be realistic for every moment in life.

Everything takes time. A relationship takes months or years to grow, a baby takes time to become an adult, a tree starts from a seed, and the bank and grocery stores have lines for waiting because humans are not machines. Life may feel fast, but it is not instant; it takes time.

I have decided to take this opportunity to practice my patience. Patience does not come easily, but it is a very beautiful thing. Being aware of the chance to take it one painted wall at a time will serve me well. When all I want is a completely painted house, all I receive is a lot of time to do it.

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