Yoga makes my life more beautiful. I feel happy while doing it and after I am done I feel even better. When I am doing my yoga I am taking time for myself, emotionally and physically.

Having a healthy mind and body can take work and a constant stream of good health decisions.

I have been practicing yoga for about 5 or 6 years now (on and off). I have taken many classes and many different types of yoga. I have gone to the YMCA, a local gym in Salem, learned from online articles, bought books, podcasts, online instructors and taken 3 different classes at the University of Oregon.

Stephanie Derby from the U of O taught a gentle yoga class that I had never experienced before and it changed they way I relax and practice yoga altogether. Her focus was towards Hatha yoga which consists of slow pace asanas (yoga poses) that involve  stretching and meditation. We focused on breathing, doing spinal twists and stretching out our bodies. It was not about sweating, or like most yoga classes,  that offer fitness and ab workouts instead of health and wellness.

Yoga, to me, is preventative health care.  It is a way to keep the body in good shape by helping align the spine and relax. Although, it is not just physical movements of the body that keep a person healthy, but the mind movements as well. Yoga combined with meditation help move away the stressful thoughts that are floating in your head in order to be present and available in your life.

I am currently trying to create a  frequent habit of doing my yoga practice, even if I only have a few minutes. I either do it on my own or I use a podcast from one of the many yoga teachers on  iTunes.  SIDE NOTE: It took awhile to find a trustworthy yoga teacher who practices the same type of yoga I do (it is also important to have a well educated and safe teacher to guide you through poses if you have never done them before).

Whether you enjoy a specific type of yoga or have never done yoga before it is good practice to have your own method to prevent health problems.

Yoga and meditation work for me, what is something you do for your body and mind?

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