Click to learn about the Bike Commute Challenge.

The month of September is the Bike Commute Challenge. Through the Bike Challenge one person (the captain) creates a team through The Bike Commute Challenge website then any coworkers can sign up or be invited to join the team. When a co-worker told me he started a team  I made sure to let him know to “Sign me up!”

By signing up you get to log in and clock your hours so you are held accountable. You can challenge other teams or individuals and you can compare your team’s ranking to other organizations. If you ride a certain amount of times in a week you are eligible for discounts and prizes. Although, the best part is getting people excited about biking to work and having fun with coworkers.

I thought this was a really great way to be involved in commuting to work and getting in some exercise. It’s tough to get up early in the morning (don’t worry I rode today), but I will  do my best to help out my team!


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