Yesterday I explained how baking soda is made. Today I will talk about the  positives and negatives of using baking soda.

The process of creating baking soda is not natural, but the product itself (mined from the mineral Trona) is a “greener” alternative in comparison to the use of on the shelf cleaning products. Major brands often concoct products that can be irritating and cause damage to our respiratory systems (Clorox, Ajax, Draino, Pinesol, Windex, etc).

Baking soda is non-toxic, is an edible ingredient in some recipes, and does not require gloves or a well ventilated area in order to be used. It can also be washed into waterways.

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The Downfalls of Baking Soda…

When it comes to green products there are typically none that are perfect. Baking soda comes from a non- renewable and non-recyclable  source. The process to create baking soda is energy-intensive. For most, it is not a local resource and will have to be shipped thousands of miles to get to you.

Why Baking Soda is a Better Option.

While baking soda is not a natural or local ingredient, it is better than most. Compared to the majority of cleaning products on the shelf baking soda is a god- send. The typical cleaning product: fumes out volatile  organic compounds, can be carcinogenic, carries serious health risks if inhaled, can be toxic to forming cells and is an overall irritant. While there may be some negatives to creating baking soda I can actually figure out how it was made; the majority of cleaners on the shelves don’t even list ingredients.

Should You Join The Craze?

Using baking soda is a better option. Yes, it is worth using. Although, try joining the craze in moderation. Baking soda is not a perfect product and there are downfalls to creating and supplying it. Use different mixtures of cleaning supplies: castile soap, vinegar, oils, water, lemon or baking soda.  When debating what products you should use be thoughtful and aware of your decisions; weigh out the options.

Ask yourself questions before you buy into any product. What is available to use and what is the best educated choice you can make? How is the product made? What is the impact on the environment, on you, or on your family? What are the ingredients?



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