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The next 5 posts (starting Monday) are dedicated to a special series called The 5 Days of Beauty. I was inspired by a book I found a few years ago in the lost and found called Changing The Way We Think About Beauty: The 7 Expressions of Beauty which is a workbook accompanied with beautiful artwork describing how beauty expresses itself.

After reading The 7 Expressions of Beauty and revisiting it again and again, I decided to publish my own 5 expressions. My 5 expressions of beauty are labeled divisions; these are the ways beauty is visible and relevant in our lives.  For the next 5 posts I will be looking into these divisions of beauty.

Image is from Sweet Eventide, click to visit their Etsy page.

Beauty is apparent within these 5 divisions; they help us discover the beauty in our lives while encouraging us to live in a more meaningful world.

Day 1: The Passion Of Beauty
Day 2: The Style Of Beauty
Day 3: The Visions Of Beauty
Day 4: The Interior Life Of Beauty
Day 5: The Uniqueness Of Beauty


To start off The 5 Days of Beauty I want you to think about the most beautiful person you know.

Got it…?

Give me 5 reasons why that persons is beautiful (yes, physically write them down).

5 reasons why my husband is one of the most beautiful people I know:

1. He is caring.
2. He is thoughtful.
3. He is smart.
4. He is funny.
5. He can go against the grain.

Now, tell me, what are the 5 reasons that make your person beautiful?

My husband is incredibly attractive, but when I list the things that make him beautiful his personal characteristics, like being caring, are the most prevalent in my mind.

As simplistic as it sounds, it’s beneficial to revisit the idea that what makes a person beautiful is not just an outward appearance. We may teach our kids or our nieces and nephews that truth, but how often do we really believe it ourselves? When we indulge into pop cultures’ idea of a: skinny, tall and flawless women or a ripped or Hollywood, muscle man on the cover of the magazines, it completely devours the true identity of beauty.

There is typically not just one physical reason why a person or thing is so appealing or wonderful. The 5 divisions that I am going to outline is a reminder of how beauty truly expresses itself.

While the dictionary definition of beautiful aims towards pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically; the beautiful people are not beautiful because of what they, or we, see in the mirror.

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