Minimalism is a good thing. It means spending less money, it means less clutter, it means being content with what you have.

As great as it sounds, minimalism with products is no easy task. New products are constantly popping up on the market and at local health food stores, so there is frequently something different to test out. If we are not buying a new product most of us have handfuls of unused old lipsticks, lotions and hair products laying around. When you rid yourself of these extra things you not only save yourself from a cluttered life, but you save yourself money.

I have achieved product minimalism by having multi-use products. There are a wide range of applications for a multi-use product in your personal care and household cleaning.  Here are some examples to get you thinking about how you can minimize the products you have:

Baking Soda:

1. Helps scrub toilets, showers, sinks and counter tops.

2. Baking soda with water can also be used to clean hair.

3. Add an essential oil to baking soda for an air freshener.

4. Sprinkle on your carpet and then vacuum up after a few minutes. It is a great carpet deodorizer if you have pets or old carpets.

Carrier oil such as Sunflower oil or Jojoba Oil:

1. As a skin moisturizer on the body or face.

2. On the hair to settle down “flyaways.”

3. On you lips, at night to moisturize or during the day if you like shiny lips.

4. On you cheekbones for a subtle glow.

5. Use on a bamboo cutting board to make it like new again.

6. In your at home beauty recipes. I use sunflower oil in the sunscreen I make.

7. As a shaving oil to help protect the skin.

8. Makeup remover.

Natural Body Wash

1. Body wash, of course.

2. Face wash.

3. Shaving gel.

4. Hand soap.

5. Shampoo.

6. Dog shampoo.

Do you have a multi-use product? I would love you hear about it!



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