I met Phil Knight last week. He is the creator/owner of Nike, in case you didn’t know.

Phil Knight of Nike

I don’t care about famous people and I think they deserve their privacy. Although, strangely enough, my first response after meeting him was I need to let my husband know and my brother know and maybe I should post something on Facebook to let everyone else know.

Then I started listening to myself.

Why does this matter? Why do I feel the need to tell everyone that I meet this man. This man is just another human. I don’t know anything about him other than he made an incredibly successful business that at least everyone in the US knows about (that is a generalization). Because I met him does not mean I am famous or that I know him now.

There is a fascination with the success and greatness of someone else. You see it it in the celebrity gossip magazines and reality tv, we are in awe of the rich and famous. You see it in ESPN when all you hear about is the top tier athletes. You see it in religion when icons are praised and put on shrines.

Why? Is it because you are next to someone who did something so beautiful that you can feel it rub off on you? Success and greatness may come just as easily as winning the lottery. Do we praise it because we like to know that someone out there beat the odds and attained this greatness?

Perhaps we see that possibility for greatness in ourselves and imagine that it too can be ignited. What do you think? Why is a successful and great person admired?


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