yo·gi/ˈyōgē/: A person who is proficient in yoga.


Today I signed up for Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful competition and I decided that I will become a yogi. I am making my profile and declaring that I am a part of it on Samvid, so there is no backing out now.

Becoming a yogi has been something I have always joked about being, but never thought I could be. Well, I am here to prove myself wrong. I have been practicing yoga on and off for 6 years, but I have never really pushed myself or practiced more then a few times a week. I have never immersed myself into yoga as I will with Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful challenge.

This competition, more than anything, is for me to push myself to grow and become more advanced at something I have only dabbled in in the past. The beautiful thing about competition is that it will hold me accountable and encourage me to produce results.

Join me if you want to define the female athlete and do something you have always wanted to do.

How will I become a yogi? Here are a few ideas, add to this list if you can:

1) Work up to practicing yoga everyday.

2) Read a yoga book about the history, about how to be a yogi, etc.. Any suggestions that a true yoga must read? The Sutras?

3) Meditate.

4) Ask my yoga teacher for advice on how to be a yogi.

5) Master simple poses like downward dog, mountain pose and a warrior pose.

6) Be able to do a handful of advanced  poses…I am still working on what ones I want to aim towards.

The competition goal date is June 26th. I will keep you updated!


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