My husband dropped me off at work today and as I was opening the car door to head off we saw a man with a backpack of fertilizer, and he wasn’t spraying the fertilizer on the grass. He was spraying the sidewalk.

Essentially he was spraying the pesky little weeds that pop up from the sidewalk, but at the same time the sidewalk was getting bathed in pesticides and chemicals. This is a great example of why shoes are not allowed in our house.

Throughout your day you have no idea what your shoes are stepping in. You may be walking through car oil, pesticides, dog poop, week old spilled ice cream, bugs, hair dye…who knows! Could you imagine someone walking barefoot all day throughout the city and then allowing them to walk on your carpet or floor with their dirty, dingy feet? I think not.

Why do so many people not blink an eye when they walk through their home, or our home for that matter, with contaminated shoes on? Blows my mind!

Do you wear shoes in your home? An article from Eco’s Child’s Play explains how shoes transmit diseases, maybe you should give it a read? You can find it here.

Apartment Therapy gives some benefits of leaving your shoes at the door. It is much cozier without shoes in your home anyways.

What do you think? Do you allow shoes in your home?

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