I have some exciting news!

In case you haven’t picked up on some extremely subtle hints, I am writing a book, an ebook! I have been working on it for months and months now and I am getting increasingly excited because I am almost done writing and editing (with my editor Larry Linebaugh).

The e-book explains how to switch over to better products, and become more aware of the harmful products you might be using. It’s a very informative book to help you on your journey to better products and healthy living.

Once I am done you get to have it, for free.

The best part?

I have been talking with my favorite companies and some really awesome ones are sending free products to give away to you.  I am keeping the companies and giveaways a secret for now, but I need your help.

What should my e-book be called?

If I choose your title I will send a thank you gift your way!


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