Your body is never quite right in comparison to the advertisements or the ideals, because you will never look like the model they show you, because you are not the model they show you, and because you have your own body, that they can’t show you. The image of the ideal body is always changing. More recently it is starting to shrink.

Years ago society was showing us this:

Now society is showing us this:

Where is the truth in these images? At what weight will we find beauty?

Body weight, like most other things in our society (outfits, food choices),  is cultural. When I ask myself what is the truth of something I ask this question: would it change if I lived in a different culture?

If I was born in India is there a chance I might be Buddhist? If I born in Asian is there a chance I might want to use skin lighteners? If I was born in a tribe somewhere in Africa would I dress differently? If I was born in Mexico would I crave different foods? If I was born in the US would I want to be skinny? Yes, there is a chance.

With so many different images floating around of what real women are suppose to look like it is no wonder I have never met a woman who is truly happy with what her body is. Women are either unhappy with their own bodies or taking time to admire someone elses’. With a thought process like this we are all stuck between a rock and a hard place.

It’s quite obvious, to me, what the secret to the ideal body is, love whatever type of body you have just the way it is. Because suddenly when you become the ideal body size the image of the ideal body will change, and you just might be chasing some other impossible ideal.

Have you found the beauty in your own body type? If not, what’s preventing you?

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