On April 24th I declared that I would become a yogi and practice yoga everyday for 9 weeks straight. 36 days later and I am still going strong, although I did make one change. I decided to abandon my profile on the Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful Challenge, which originally started my goal. I wanted to focus on yoga, and the Under Armour Challenge was more focused on uploading videos and pictures.

Living the life of a yogi.

Doing yoga every day, encourages me to practice wherever I go. A few places have been breathtaking, like the picture I have included, which is at Pacific City in Oregon.

It has been a mix of serenity and “Oh no I have to fit in my yoga today!”  When I do take the time and appreciate my practice I really enjoy letting myself relax into poses while having quite time for me. The downside are the days when I feel like it gets in my way, and becomes something I have to do. Practicing yoga daily is a huge commitment for me, especially because it is really hard for me to wake up early and to make the time (even if it’s for 10 minutes in the morning).

What have I accomplished.

I have stuck to it and practiced yoga for 36 days straight. I am pretty sure I didn’t miss any days…

I don’t think I can bend farther or do a handstand quite yet, but I am really great at mountain pose and downward dog.

I have been using my yoga books for pose sequencing and to mix up my yoga routine. There is specific book I had been using the most, it has pictures and simple descriptions, then my oh so cute 1 year old labradoodle choose to rip it up and run around the living room with it in his mouth.  I like to think he was testing my patience and my ability to stay calm in a stressful situation.

What’s next in my yogi life?

To keep up my motivation I have decided to go on a yoga retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs. It’s a 3 day yoga retreat where we will be practicing yoga and meditation every day. On our main day we will be practicing 4 different times.  I have never been on a yoga retreat, but I am anticipating quite time to reflect and a bit of struggle practicing so frequently.

Has anyone else been on a yoga retreat? Any yogi advice or suggestions?

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