I started Samvid Beauty more than a year ago, although I always liked to write it was my first experience writing a blog. My husband initially suggested I start it after he began to realize I spent at least 30 minutes  reading  shampoo labels every time I ran out; I couldn’t just buy a product without commenting on it.

“Why don’t you just start a blog?”

“ME?” I questioned. I had this weird little niche that no one would understand. I didn’t know if anyone would read about my ideas of beauty and life, but I decided I would just start. I wrote for me. I wrote, and still write, about all the things I cared about, that bugged me, that were interesting, or that I thought everybody should know about. I started because I was completely passionate about something and didn’t think about failing.

What started it all was an idea, a small suggestion, and me doing something about it. I find it incredibly beautiful that not only did my blog begin this way, but exceptional things like: Tammy’s tiny housedocumentaries on Miss Representing women, campaigns for beauty, and amazing non-profit organizations like the Ike Box.

Everything starts with a small idea or suggestion. What matters is that you do something about it.  Now, I look back and know that Samvid Beauty wasn’t in existence 2 years ago and I feel the accomplishment of my 134 plus articles. Starting something, anything, is a beautiful way to put yourself out in the world. Everything comes from a small start.

What can you “just start” today?

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