The most life alternating change I have ever made was choosing to become aware.

I wasn’t just born aware, and if I was I lost it some time ago. Awareness can be an open door to an amazing and enlightened way of living, but I say that it is “choosing to become aware” because you need to be purposeful to have it.  I think most have heard the cliched phrase “Ignorance is bliss,” but what I really think is that ignorance is blindness. Many choose to stay blind their whole lives and with that comes a blindness to the realities of life, eating, choosing, thinking, feeling, sensing or being. Most importantly, without awareness, you don’t realize the impact you have on the world, positive or negative it may be.

It takes an awaking to truly understand this life. Part of awareness  is knowing the simple truths about life and consciously making thoughtful and considerate choices because you are aware. Living this way is no easy task. Being aware of the world around you takes an awaking to the thought that life isn’t what it seems.

It will transform your thoughts from:

“Walmart is so cheap and they have everything” to “Walmart has poor quality products and they take away from local businesses.”

“I just buy whatever sunscreen they have,” to ” I choose a zinc oxide sunscreen because others have potentially harmful effects.”

“We just bought the latest high tech gas lawn mower, it cuts so quick!” to “We use a push mower because it isn’t noisy and it doesn’t create air pollution.”

Awareness is ongoing and you never know what you will be opened up to. I have said many times in the past  “I could never be vegan or vegetarian, I just like to eat meat every once in a while.” Now, I say (among other things) “Meat is animal flesh and I don’t want to use animals for my food or products.”

Become aware by questioning habits, common practices, people, life, anything! I believe the central question is: why do you do the things you do?

The examined life is a fruitful one. Do you know what you eat? Really, have you thought about it? Do you eat meat, what is meat, where does it come from, what’s in it?

Do you have TV, why? What would happen if you didn’t.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone rode their bikes? Yeah! So try it.

Do you know what you are eating, what you are using, what you are feeling, what you are smelling, what you are seeing, or how heavily you make an impact on this earth?

Awareness is beauty. What are you aware about?


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