Last weekend I retreated for 3 days at Breitenbush Hot Springs. When I say retreated, I mean completely¬† let go and relaxed. Within this time I did a yoga and meditation workshop, celebrated my new found veganism (if you are interested ask me) by eating plant-based buffets every breakfast, lunch and dinner, wore no makeup, soaked in the hot springs, walked around, practiced yoga, meditated in a little hut called “the sanctuary,” talked with new people, drank lots of tea, and did more yoga.

Breitenbush is like no place I have ever seen, it is a camp ground that doesn’t have fire pits for fires, there is no phone service or loud music blaring. The bathrooms carry biodegradable soap and they request that you bring the same, there are special spots to put used toilet paper rolls so they can recycle them, they have a compost in the kitchen, and there is a quiet sense that everyone there will be respectful and kind to you and the earth.

I felt like I was in a different world, and I think I was. I have never immersed myself into yoga, meditation, and relaxing  so much. Here was our schedule:

Anyone could do a retreat like this it wasn’t because I am a hard core yogi (although I want to be one). It was a very gentle, calming yoga and there was nothing you had to do. You could miss class and get a massage, or just leave class if you had enough for the day.The retreat was a wonderful experience and I am lucky to live so close to their community (only an hour away).

I attempt to make the world better though my blog, although there are times when I feel my attempt may be unnoticed or not big enough. Because it is a blog I don’t get to have alive conversations with people or see the actions that take place outside of Samvid Beauty world. Being at Breitenbush made me realize that the world is changing and many people and communities have been working really hard to make it better. The Breitenbush Community has been working towards a better world for 30 plus years now; I can’t believe I have only now noticed it.

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