During the holidays our friendly neighbor Jane dropped by with a plate of goodies for us. I remember thinking, “How kind.” After we devoured the treats this plate was revealed.

It says :

This is our traveling
To say “We love you! We think you’re great!”
Enjoy these goodies we have for you,
Then here is what you have to do…
Fill it with treats and pass it along,
Share love with your neighbor -
and don’t wait too long!

After discovering the purpose of the plate I thought, “How beautiful.”

Kind and friendly neighbors transform the neighborhood into a completely different place. Yesterday, (yes we waited too long) we delivered chocolate (vegan) cupcakes with vanilla frosting to a new set of neighbors.While they only live three houses down, I had no idea what their faces looked like. Presenting a plate of treats easily helped us and them open up and say hello.

An unexpected beauty of having a new home has been getting to know our neighbors. Do you know your neighbors?

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