“I could never be a vegetarian. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I do love a hamburger every once in awhile. Why should I deprive myself of that?”

That was what I have been saying for years.

I never had a strong enough reason to forfeit meat. Fast forward to June 2012 and BAM! I am practicing veganism. How does this happen? How did my mind change?

It started when, at age 22, my husband and I bought our first puppy. I had never had a pet before, let alone an immature puppy that needs to be watched 24/7. Before long the puppy grew to be a part of the family. He had needs, he played, he got hungry, he hated bathes, and he would stop eating if we left for a vacation because he was sad or uncomfortable with the new space he was in.  I cared about the puppy and through him I started to see all animals differently. The big horse reminded me of our dog, the goats, and the cows did too.  They all seemed connected.

Then something happened, I became aware of The Industry. This specifically happened after watching a documentary called Earthlings. Before then I had never even considered something to be wrong with the way  animals came to be our food. The paleolithic diet had claimed that eating meat was part of our ancestry, the news articles said that fish has good fatty acids, and everyone knew that chicken was good because it was lower in fat. These were all hiding the facts of how our meat came to be packaged, sliced and gore free- straight to us.

If we all started to question: what really makes our meat so meaty and our eggs so available, we might be led down a different diet path. If we all had to witness the slaughter and the inhumane conditions of the animals, that have nervous systems just like us, we would have a different world.

The fact is, we, as humans, are asking a lot of The Industry and the world when we expect our meat slaughtered, packaged, and readily available whenever we want it. Something has to be affected when we demand this obscure availability. The quality of employees, standards, and animals are washed down the drain; animals suffer, die and are tormented to fit the process; and our land, rivers and air are sacrificed.

After all I have learned I wonder, how could anyone eat meat?


Want More information?

Earthings, A documentary by Shaun Monson.

Gentle World.

That’s why we don’t eat animals, Kids books by Ruby Roth.


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