Becoming truly aware takes time, education, and a willingness to change habits. It does not happen over night. The majority of vegans, vegetarians, natural products users, fit people, or just simply conscious people didn’t wake up one day with all the knowledge and know how, they started somewhere and took time to get where they are today.

One moment you will be living your life and then bam! you may watch a life changing movie and your perspective starts to shift and your awareness opens up. Then you could read a book that makes you think about how products affect you and your world and suddenly your awareness opens up a bit more then before. Next, you may learn about how our consumption of honey affects bees and another area of your brain becomes more alert and more aware.

If you keep searching your awareness will continually open more and more over time. Perhaps you never stop learning or maybe one day you will become completely aware? Becoming aware and conscious is a process.

Here is a snippet of my journey.

First I became aware of how awesome glitter products were. I used hair spray, Tommy Girl perfume, mood changing nail polish, Neutrogena spray on tanner, and dabbled in hair dye. At this time I would eat Top Ramen for snack, steaks every week for dinner, and have blended milk coffee drinks every week for breakfast.

When I went off to college I started working with Aveda and realized the health effects chemical products have on us. I realized how much I sneezed when I lit candles…and each time I used my hair spray… and every time I wore perfume. It was then that I started the switch to better, more plant based ingredients.  I also started to make a habit of eating real foods which included a real breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. I also  started drinking more tea and limited my intake on sugar/milk blended drinks. At this point I still never saw anything wrong with animals products, didn’t care about animal testing and just did the best I could.

After a few years I started looking into more natural products and discovered Aveda actually wasn’t such a “nature based” company. This revelation made me realize if I wanted to know what was in a product I had to read the label.  I traded in my Aveda shopping for local health food stores. At this time I realized shaving cream was a waste of money and stopped using it.

Soon after I started to become aware of how foods made me feel. I went on the elimination diet because I often felt nauseous or just blah after eating. That’s when I found out dairy, eggs, soy and coffee where the culprits of my sub par feeling. So I got rid of them.  It was a lot to loose, at first, but then it started to become normal for me.

Next, I watched Earthlings and realized the reality of how animals are used and treated because of our demand and desire for products made from them. Right after the movie I decided I would be vegan, although I didn’t know exactly what it would take I knew that it was a cause I would fight for.

Since then I have researched the problem with seafood, using bee products and vegan shoes. It has been quite the learning process.

Now, I am here- still progressing and still learning what vegan, healthy products and awareness  is to me.

We all have to start or continue from somewhere. Where are you in your journey?


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