We use the products, the food, and the items professionals sell to us because they say “it’s tested” or it suppose to taste, look and feel the way they make it. We buy into the lifestyle that’s seen as normal because they tell you how you’re suppose to do it.

“Drink milk it’s good for your bones.”

“Use shaving cream, it’s good for your skin.”

“Make sure you put fertilizer on your lawn, it’s good for your grass.”

We feel safe believing someone else because then we are not accountable. We do not have to decide or, for that matter, have a choice at all. We don’t have to choose what our products are made out of, if our food suffered before it came to us, or if we use items that damage the rest of the world. Professionals do that for us.

Believing a professional can do it better is dangerous, for you and for the world you live in. It creates a false sense of security about your products, lifestyle, and the food you eat. We feel safe living the life we do because some expert out there tells us that it is safe and it is the right way. To question these professionals think about the products you believe to be safe and made the right way. Do you still feel it is the right decision to trust professionals after you read more about their choice?

99% of beauty products in this country are made by six labs…You go to a lab, and there’s a tub of cleanser, tub of shampoo, a tub of cream, tub of whatever. And for $10,000 per product, you can pick your color, texture, and scent and then package it. So if you look at most products, from high-end to low-end, the first twenty ingredients are all the same.

Anything after the first ten ingredients there is .01 percent of. They just put a drop in a tub of something to say that it has these effects. But it’s such a little amount that it wouldn’t do anything anyway; it’s all marketing and branding.

It is marketed that you should believe the professional can make a better product, know the best way to live, or that you are incapable of learning a new job skill, but that is simply not true.  It is not up to anyone else, but you, to make conscious decisions. You don’t have to be a professional to live an informed life, and you most likely aren’t getting a better product because it was tested and put on the shelves.

Challenge conventional thought. Don’t wait for permission to live life consciously. “Professionals” are not always right, they just know how to market their decisions.


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