Truly aware life:

Our culture is tan-centric. It took Katie something truly scary to realize that pale is pretty too. Here’s the story of how a 20-something handles being diagnosed with skin cancer.

Beauty in the brush strokes:

One of my favorite artists, Renee Hartig, is keeping up the good work. She knows simple beauty.

Live well:

I hear about fructose everywhere, but why is it so bad again… here is the low down.

Doing good:

No more wheelies?? Do-gooder Chris Barnett, who is trying to set a world record for wheelie ridin’ while trying to save the world, had his bike stolen. The wheelies were put on hold, until the community, KVAL, and his Wheelie for Water campaign got a hold of the news. I love it when good prevails.

Bookish beauty:

Book Swept away.

Revolutionary thoughts:

Gandhi said, ” Be the change you wish you see in the world.” Marketing guru Seth Godin said this.


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