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Eating vegan has become very normal to me, but evidently it’s not normal to a good portion of…anyone else in Salem, Oregon. I know other vegans are out there, so I wanted to share my favorite vegan spots in Salem. I will preface this by stating that I can be pretty picky about my food, I look for quality and good ingredients.

Food Options

Chipotle: Huge burritos here! If you have never been, you can choose your burritos or salad items on Lancaster Drive in North Salem. If you get the vegetarian one guacamole is included for no extra charge.

Marco Polo:This restaurant has an enormous menu. The average price of an entree is about $12 or $13. I haven’t ate at this restaurant too much, but they do have good “global selections.”

Muchas Gracias on Capitol Street: At Muchas there is one thing on the menu I get, although I am sure there are other options. I love their vegetarian burrito, but you have to go to the one on Capitol Street for this one! They fill it with beans, rice, pico de gallo, and guacamole instead of cheese. Don’t worry I also looked up their tortilla ingredients, they use the local Don Pedro kind and they are vegan.  I love it for breakfast or a quick dinner. Oh, and it is only $3.65.

Pita Pit: Here you can get a veggie pita, falafel or black bean pita, all delicious and filling. You can even make it a salad if your prefer. On State Street they even have vegan sauces listed on the board!

Venti’s: This is a funky restaurant located in downtown Salem and on Commercial Street. While they don’t have a huge selection of vegan options the choices they do have are extremely flavorful and just plain amazing. I highly recommend their yellow curry or a vegan black bean burger.

Venti’s is also known for carrying tons of local beers. Their location on Commercial Street is actually a tap house, which makes it extra fun.

Willamette University: During the school year I highly recommend Goudy Commons (Rachael Ray from the Food Network actually went here on her $40 a day show). Goudy is affordable, but is also very high quality. They aim for healthy and local  foods with  a variety of different options  such as pizza, burritos, quinoa salads, hemp burgers, soups, and more. Vegan, gluten free, soy free and vegetarian options are clearly marked here. Even if Goudy doesn’t show it on their menu there is always something vegan to eat. They also do a dinner that is buffet style, yum!

The Cat Cavern at Willamette is also an option, it is the same Goudy food, but less variety.

Desserts and Drinks

Ike Box: Many coffee shops offer soy alternatives, but this downtown cafe takes it a step further and offers hemp milk too (try vanilla hemp in your coffee, you won’t regret it). If you have a sweet tooth they also carry vegan and gluten free cookies.

Lucky Cat Bakery: Kelsey Quinn is the girl to call if you need some delicious homemade vegan cupcakes, cakes, scones or pretty much anything that is sweet and yummy. She does special orders, and she comes highly recommended by me. Currently, Kelsey is taking a break from taking special orders…Sad day… So she is not available to bake your yummy vegan treats. If she comes back to the bakery world hopefully I can add her back to this list.

Any vegan food places you know of?

If I missed any places feel free to add to my list. I would love to try out some new spots!

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