A few mornings ago I decided I needed some hot tea to warm up my morning. I scrounged  through my office cabinets to lo-and-behold found Good Earth, Super Green Tea. Made with Match, Sencha and Orange it was just the thing my morning needed.

Good Earth, in my mind, seemed to be a reputable tea company, not only did they have a really inspiring quote on each tea tag, they made a point to advertise that their teas were natural . Well, sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but after reading¬† and questioning the ingredient list on their box it is pretty clear they are not reputable and they don’t sell natural teas.

As my hot water was heating I looked over the real ingredients in the tea: Sencha, Green Tea, Orange Oil, Green Tea Extract, Natural Flavor, Matcha, and Chamomile Flower.

Natural Flavor?


Sencha…sencha what? Tea? Flavor? Essence?

After discovering these ingredients I searched through their website, they mentioned nothing of what made up this mysterious natural flavor and there was no explanation on what exactly is their simple “sencha” or “matcha” ingredient. I even e-mailed the company to ask what makes up their natural flavors. It has been two weeks and I haven’t heard a response.

If you are going to have orange why not just have an orange with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it comes with? If you are going to have green tea, why not simply have green tea leafs? There is benefit to the simple properties of real flavors, plants, and herbs. Tea companies out there, just let tea be tea.

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