You can do anything for a week right? If you really want to eat healthier and better for your body try living a week without these two foods.

#1 Avoid Dairy:

Dairy is a very, very popular food item. It is in everything! Yogurt, cookies, pizza, milk, cheese and it is hidden in a lot of other store bought foods. In restaurants most foods are cooked with dairy or butter such as veggies, potatoes or fish.

I know it is not easy for people to let go of dairy, but you should. I know it’s not easy for most people (it was hard for me at first) because dairy products, especially cheese, is highly addictive. It actually produces a molecule called casomorphin which creates an opiate like reaction in your body. Milk is suppose to be addictive for babies (so they gain weight and become a bigger human, cow, goat, etc) that is why they are the ones who should be drinking it.

Dairy is better left alone because most people have a very difficult time processing it. Along with not being able to process dairy products  they are also loaded with hormones and antibiotics that can interfere with your own hormones and body functions.

On top of all that, dairy is pretty gross if you think about it.  Did you know cheese comes from the inner lining of a calves stomach? Do you know drinking milk is like drinking some elses’ breast milk? Yum.

A better way to get calcium? Eat leafy green vegetables like kale or bok choy, calcium fortified cereals, and chomp down on tahini. Drink calcium fortified (everything is now-a-days) orange or apple juice, soy or rice milk.

#2 Avoid Peanuts:

Why are peanuts good to eliminate? Kimberly Synder’s health blog describes it well:

“Non-organic peanuts are one of the most pesticide saturated foods in the Western diet. Peanuts are also especially prone to developing fungi (up to 24 types according to one study!) and toxic mold. One strain commonly found in peanuts is aflatoxin, which is a chemical carcinogen 20 times more toxic than DDT. “

My alternative to peanuts are almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and almond butter. Sunflower butter happens to be a favorite of mine.

Eat Simply.

By letting go of dairy and peanuts you can  really become aware of how much or how little you eat them. Do you know how many times a day you are eating dairy? Is your body okay with eating dairy?

Listening to what your body needs is a significant part of having a beautiful and healthy life. Use a week to take a break from these foods. See what happens.

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