The Product, The Environmental Toothbrush:

Have you seen this before? A toothbrush you can compost! I can’t wait to get one of my own. Local growers farm the bamboo then use it to make toothbrush handles. It is earth friendly and sustainable, even the packaging is biodegradable.




The Book, Eating Animals:

As I was sitting down to read this a co-worker of mine read the title and said “EWW…eating animals.” This type of response was interesting to me, but common enough that Jonathan Safran Foer actually discusses it in his book. 

I am about halfway through reading Eating Animals and I have come to believe it should be required reading for anyone who supports the use of animal products. He brings a scientific and somewhat unbiased look  into the reality of the animals we eat. He questions and observes the industry in a unique way which helps you to do the same.



The Company, EcoTools:

I recently switched out all my cosmetic brushes. Little did I know, or even think to consider, all my brushes were made from animal hair. I had stock piled a bunch of free brushes from Bare Escentuals (a company I don’t recommend using), which uses goat hair. Once I became aware I stopped using my brushes and found EcoTools. They sell vegan and environmental friendly cosmetic tools, brushes and bags. Anecdotal side note: After I started using the new brushes my skin actually started to clear up a bit, coincidence?



The Dessert, Tofutti Cuties:

These tiny ice cream sandwiches are the perfect dairy free, vegan treat at the end of a long day…or in the middle…or to start it off, or whenever you need it really. To confirm their deliciousness I had a dairy eater try them and he couldn’t tell the difference!

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