samvid [Sanskrit]: true awareness

Samvid is a way of living.

It calls to those who ask questions and search for truth.

It calls to those who desire more than the mainstream products, thoughts, foods, and the typical way of living.

It calls to those who want to live a unique life because quality, happiness and peace are vital.

Make life beautiful. Live life with Samvid.


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Below are some articles to help ingnite a new awareness or fuel an existing one. Samvid Beauty discusses many topics, below you will find some of my most popular and favorite ones. Scroll through and you will find:

Samvid Beauty: ingredients to avoid, cosmetics, and natural products,

Samvid Environment: us, our products and their effect on the environment

and lastly

Samvid Thoughts: ideas, awareness, inspiration and living beautifully.

Click on the titles below to read the article.


Samvid Beauty




Hair Dye

In cosmetics we trust

Natural deodorants



Why body lotion is a waste of money

Why I don’t wear nail polish

What’s in your toothpaste?


Samvid Environment

Our cars: Drive Differently

Our laundry: Carcinogens From Your Laundry

Our lawns: Better Lawns For a Better World

Our plants: To Cure A Sick Building Use Plants

Our sunscreen: The Effect of Sunscreen On Our Environment

Our waters: Our Waters: Unswimmable and Unfishable?


Samvid Thoughts

All life is a practice

Be a happy beautiful person

Be childfree

Breath deeply

Don’t go to college

It grows back

Life exists without facebook or texting

Live an invigorating life

On being vegan

Pinterest is fake

Resist christmas gifts

Stop conforming

The ideal body is a myth

Ubuntu is real


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