My name is Kourtney Linebaugh.

Through Samvid Beauty I am able share my passion for living a beautiful life.

I write about the beauty that surrounds us, nature based products, the way we think, what we create, and how we treat our bodies and our environments. I am always searching for a healthy, happy and beautiful way to live.


Where I Started.

What really opened my awareness regarding beauty, better ingredients, and living my best life was working with Aveda. After surrounding myself with the philosophies of plant based ingredients, healing, and living well I realized that Aveda wasn’t so plant based and natural after all.

Being a part of the company began my journey to look beyond the false images and misleading labels of products. I have come to accept that I can never go back to being unaware again.


My Philosophy.

Awareness is a process. It takes time and you never know where it will take you.

I am constantly reevaluating how I live and think.

My honest thought is that the most beautiful way to live life is not typical. Life should be examined and questioned often.


Places You Can Find My Writing

Gentle World



Natural Solutions

Oregon Bride

Take Root Magazine Spring and Summer Issue 2013


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